Best Google Ad-sense Alternatives For Your Website (2019)

Whats Up Guys! I Hope Your All Are Good, So Today I am Going To Show You Some Best Alternatives To Google Adsense For Your Website. As We Know That Lots Of People Doing Online Work While Sitting At Their Home, Some People Are Making Money By Creating Stunning Websites, Some Are Working On YouTube, Making Money With Videos Sharing. And Mostly People Not Mush Familiar With Google Adsense. 

They Have No Idea How To Make Money With Adsense. On the Other Side The People Who Have an Idea About Adsense But They Are Not Well Known About Its Terms & Conditions And Other Important Facts. That's Why They Are Searching For Google Alternatives. Don't Worry I am Here For Your Help, I will Help You Guys About This Matter.

First Of All I am Going To Present A Summary About Google Adsense And Than I will Explain You Some Best Alternative To Google Adsense For Your Blog/Website. So Lets Start;

What Is Google Adsense ? 

Google Adsense Is a Advertisement Network That Is A Product Of Google, As We Know Google Is The King On The Internet. The Adsense Is a Advertisement Network That Provides Ads Of Its Customers To The Adsense Publisher, Its Mean It Shows The Ads On Your Website/Blog, YouTube Videos And Your Android Applications. 

When The Ads Shown On Your Website and Some Users Will Click On Their Ads, That's The Time You Will Get Paid By Google For Clicking Their Ads. You Can't Click Your Own Ads Because There Is A Tracking System Witch Can Track Your Real Time Location and IP Address. So Overall Adsense Is The Highest Paying Ads Network.

Why People Failed To Get Google Adsense ?

To Get Adsense For Your Website/Blog Or YouTube Is Not A Easy Task, Because You Have Not Well Known About Adsense Policy and Its Term & Conditions. If You Want To Stick With Adsense Then You Have To Follow Its Program Polices.

People Who Have No Idea About These Polices They Misuse The Ads and Break Rules That Are Required By The Google. In This Way They Don't Get Adsense Account, Or They Suspended By The Adsense. Here Is The Link Below For Adsense Program Policies, Please Check This Out Before Going To Start Google Adsense Account.

5 Best Google Adsense Alternative - 2019

If You Want To Make Money Through Your Website then First Of All You Should Have a Good Traffic To Your Website/Blog. Then You Should Have A Custom Domain Name Just Like { .com  .co  .in  .net}.

Next Thing Is That Your Website Domain Should Be At-least 6 Months Old. You Can Not Copy Content From Other Site and Past It On Your Site. That's All Above Mentioned Things Are Necessary To Get Adsense Account.

Mostly People Are Not Aware With These Terms, That's Why They Are Searching For Adsense Alternatives. Here Is The List Of Some Best Adsense Alternative That Can Help You To Make Money Online.

1- Is Network of Famous Search Engine Yahoo ( This Network Will Give You To Access The World's Largest Platform Of Advertisers. Ads Are Also Just Like Adsense That Why I Have Listed This Network First. 
There Are Some Terms & Conditions of This Network To Apply Ads On Your Blog/Website. The Minimum Payout Of This Network Is 100$ That will Be Transfers To Your PayPal Or Wire Transfer To Your Bank Account. Here Is The Link Below To Sign Up For This Network:

2- InfoLinks.

This Network is also a big Platform For Advertisers & Publisher, This Network is Already Considered To Best Alternative To Adsense. There Is No Hard And Fast Rules To Get This Network Publisher Account For Your Blog/Website.

The Minimum Payout Of This Network is 50$ That Will Be Transfer To PayPal Account Or Bank Account Through Wire Transfer. The Link Of This Network Is Given Below:
3- Amazon Associates.

You are Familiar With Amazon, You Can Join Amazon Associates Account If  You Want To Make Money By Showing Amazon Ads On Your Blog/Website. Actually This is an Affiliate Account Where You Can Sell Products And Make Commission. 
Its Not A Big Deal You Can Do This, and There is No Hard Terms & Condition To Get Amazon Associates Account. If  You Want To Join This Net Work Click Sign Up Below;
4- Taboola.

This Network Drives Traffic To Your Website/Blog or Monetize Your Blog With World's Largest Content Recommended Network. Have You Seen Taboola Ads, This Network Shows Content Related Ads To Your Site. 

To Get This Network For Your Website Is Not An Easy Task Because This Network Requires A Large Number of Visitors. Its Mean You Should Have Heavy Traffic To Your Blog/Site, Otherwise You Can't Get This Network. Here Is The Link Below If You Want To Try:
5- propellerads.

This is Also Consider as Best Alternative To Adsense. This Network Monetize Your Site With Their Different Types Of Ads Just Like Pop Up, Pop Under, Direct Link Ads, And Banner Ads. To Become This Network Publisher Is not a Big Deal, If You Have A custom Domain Then You Can Join This Ads Network. If You Want To Join This Network Click The Link Below:

At The End You Will Find Out That There Is No One Who can Beat Google Adsense. I Hope This Post Will Help You To Monetize Your Blog/Website. Thanks For Coming To My Website, If You Enjoy This Post Please Share With Other And Support Us.

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